First generation iPhone auctioned for over $63K

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First generation iPhone auctioned for over $63K

A first-generation iPhone has auctioned for $63,356.40, making it the highest amount a first-gen iPhone has ever sold.

The phone, which was from 2007, sold more than 100 times higher than its original sale price of $599 and was kept sealed by the owner, LCG Auctions confirmed.

Karen Green, a cosmetic tattoo artist in New Jersey, received the iPhone as a gift but never opened it because she was tied into a Verizon contract, and iPhones weren’t a part of the network then, the Business Insider reported.

Green contacted LCG Auctions in October after she learned about another first-generation iPhone from 2007 that auctioned for $40,000.

Green kept the first-generation, eight-gigabyte phone sealed in the box, realizing as the years went on that a collector might come to find it valuable.

Her hunch was confirmed when appraisers on the show estimated it at $5,000.