First ever National Period Day in the U.S


First ever National Period Day in the U.S

A Non-profit organization in the U.S called ‘PERIOD’ launched the inaugural Period Day on Saturday 19th October, to call for menstrual equity. The organization held rallies in every U.S. state to discuss period poverty and demand that menstrual products become more accessible.

Menstrual product company Always found in a study that one in five girls in the U.S. have left school early or missed a day of class because they did not have access to period products.

In January, Reuters found that nearly two-thirds of low-income women in St. Louis could not afford menstrual hygiene products, including tampons or pads. Nearly half of the survey group said there are many times they cannot afford both food and period products at the same time. Many resort to using cloth, rags, diapers or other forms of paper products instead.

PERIOD said in a social media video that some women resort to using cardboard as well.