First Dog Infected With COVID-19

First Dog Infected With COVID-19

For the first time in the Netherlands, a dog was diagnosed as carrying Sars-CoV-2, Dutch Agriculture Minister Carola Schoutan told Parliament on Friday.

The dog, which belonged to a covid-19 patient, developed antibodies, which means he was infected.

The eight-year-old bulldog died in late April from respiratory problems. Blood samples were taken and sent to a laboratory, which detected the presence of antibodies to the coronavirus.

It is not certain, however, that the dog’s respiratory condition was caused by the virus infection.

In all cases, we see that pets do not infect people,” but the other way around, Schouten was quoted as saying by the Dutch ANP news agency.

The minister added that “although chances that your pet may be infected are slim, it is advisable to avoid contact with pets when you have COVID-19 symptoms, including hugging and letting them lick you.

Hong Kong authorities have previously reported two dogs tested positive for coronavirus. Other animal coronavirus cases around the world include a pet cat in Belgium and a tiger at the Bronx zoo.