Firearms dealer says senior civil servants “compromised”

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Firearms dealer says senior civil servants “compromised”

The crime facing the country is a resource management issue.

So says security consultant and firearms dealer Major Dirk Barnes.

Major Barnes chided the management of the Police Service as he noted that the resources of the TTPS are not being well managed.

He said the public cannot expect miracles if the TTPS is not being managed optimally.

He claimed that leadership decisions are leaving officers feeling demoralized.

Mr Barnes also told Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show this morning that the hiring process for the post of Police Commissioner should be revisited.

Mr Barnes also addressed the wave of guns flooding the country.

He said there is no political will to stop the illegal importation of firearms and claimed that there are senior persons in the Government’s employ who are compromised.

He noted that the guns on the street did not just enter the country yesterday.

Major Barnes added that that the current situation facing the country is a result of the failure of Government and its relevant apparatus to take action years ago.