Firearm stolen from officer’s bedroom


Firearm stolen from officer’s bedroom

A 32-year-old municipal officer is assisting investigators in trying to determine how his 9mm pistol was stolen from a locked security safe in his bedroom.

At around 9:00p.m on Thursday, the officer, his wife and his eight-year-old son went to bed after the officer locked the doors to his house. When he awoke early Friday morning, he noticed that his front door was open and the metal safe – which housed the pistol loaded with 17 rounds of ammunition – was gone. He contacted another officer from Cumuto who spoke to an informant. The informant told him that the pistol might be in a vacant building on Pinto Road. When the officer went to the building, he found the pistol.

The victim then made a report to the Pinto Police Station, where he left the pistol.