Firearm and ammo seized in PoS

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Firearm and ammo seized in PoS

Officers of the Port of Spain, North Eastern and Eastern Divisions followed the early example set by the Northern Division as they also carried out traffic exercises, warrant exercises and conducted targeted patrols throughout their divisions. These actions were part of the initial salvo by police as they implement their anti-crime plans for the Christmas season.

The exercise led to the arrests of several persons, as firearms and ammunition were seized and fixed penalty notices issued during a busy weekend for officers of the Port of Spain, North Eastern and Eastern Divisions.

Port of Spain Division: Officers of the Inter-Agency Task Force Strike Team and Guard and Emergency Branch conducted several mobile patrols yesterday in East Port of Spain area, including the Duncan Street Plannings, Nelson Street Plannings, George Street Plannings, St Paul Street, Sea Lots, Picton and Laventille Road and the Beetham Gardens district. During the exercise a young man was seen running along Main Street, Beetham Gardens. He was held a short distance from 5th Street. When he was searched, police found one black Glock pistol with 11 rounds of ammunition. The officers took possession of the firearm and ammunition, and the man was arrested.

Eastern Division: Officers executed several search warrants yesterday, during which time three persons were arrested in Sangre Grande district. One 26-year-old man was arrested for possession of ammunition after police found and seized six rounds of 9-millimetre ammunition and one extended magazine. The other two persons, a 44-year-old man and a 48-year-old man were also arrested for assault on a police officer.

North Eastern Division Traffic Unit: Several road traffic exercises and breathalyzer exercises were conducted. One person was arrested for driving without a valid Drivers Permit and Certificate of Insurance, while five persons were charged after being found to be over the prescribed limit. Persons were issued fixed penalty notices for failure to wear seatbelt while driving and for using handheld mobile device while driving.


Source: TTPS