Fire Service refutes claims of ‘No Water’ for San Juan fire

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Fire Service refutes claims of ‘No Water’ for San Juan fire

The Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service has refuted claims of ‘no water’ for fire at a Moses Avenue San Juan home on May 9th this year.

It explains official reports from the TTFS personnel who were on the scene, and otherwise engaged in the operation, have confirmed two trucks from Morvant and Tunapuna Fire Stations responded to the call and arrived on scene, at about the same time.

Contrary to the newspaper report, the trucks arrived with an initial supply of 13,500 liters of water, considered adequate, given the nature and location of the fire.

At the time of this incident, the San Juan Fire Station crew was attending to another fire in Maracas, St. Joseph, but later arrived at Moses Avenue, to assist.

This vehicle brought an additional amount of water to the scene.

In addition to the crews from the Morvant and Tunapuna stations, two additional Fire Station Officers arrived to help in the firefighting efforts.

The TTFS confirms there was no “changed shifts” during the operations; and what the purveyors of that falsity may have seen, was one officer who began to feel unwell during the response effort; and had to withdraw.

His state of unwell had nothing to do with the fire.