Filipino Scientists Say Virgin Coconut Oil Helps Destroy COVID-19


Filipino Scientists Say Virgin Coconut Oil Helps Destroy COVID-19

Pschisms found that the oil coconut contributes to the destruction of the new coronavirusSARSCoV-2, causing COVID-19.

According to an article published on the portal New Woman, the Philippine Health Research and Development Council (PCHRD) studied the effects of oil coconut on COVID-19 for months and currently clinical trials involving 56 patients are already underway.

The unpublished study, funded by the Philippine Department of Science and Technology, suggests that virgin compounds from oil coconut oil decrease the viral load of SARSCoV-2 between 60% to 90%.

Additionally, the researchers claim that the substância promotes the ability of cell survival, thus contributing to strengthen the immune system’s response to the presence of the virus.

In the words of Jaime Montoya, director do PCHRD: “the results are very promising, as they not only show that the oil Coconut oil alone can destroy the virus, but it can also be a fundamental mechanism for regulating the immune response against COVID-19″.

Still, the PCHRD stresses that further studies and experiments are needed in order to understand whether a higher concentration of oil can further contribute to the virus’s ability to replicate.

According to the Philippine Science Secretary, Fortunato de la Peña, the first analysis of the oil coconut oil as a possible antiviral agent may be available by the second week of next month. November.