Fight over parking spot leads to death of Pleasantville man

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Fight over parking spot leads to death of Pleasantville man

An altercation allegedly over a parking spot has resulted in the death of a 39-year old Pleasantville man.

The victim is Jamie Walker, a father of four of Orchid Gardens. He was also a former soldier.

Walker was in the carpark of WE Supermarket at Naparima Mayaro Road, San Fernando when he got into an argument with an off-duty police officer.

Video footage circulating showed the altercation and when the off-duty police officer drew the firearm.

Walker’s wife, Heather Cedeno-Walker, reported that three of their children were seated in the family’s car when the shooting occurred mere feet from them.

The children who were in the vehicle are aged 13, eight, and four.
The couple also have an infant, almost two years old, who was at a day-care centre at the time.

Cedeno-Walker said, “I am confused. Everything happened so fast. When the shots fired the three children started to bawl ‘Daddy! Daddy!’, “.

She added, “I asked him (the off-duty officer) how could he do this. He told me I is a police officer and showed me his badge”.

The officer is attached to the Guard and Emergency Branch (GEB).

The wife said they were on their way home when they stopped in Cocoyea to purchase food, and she parked in the car park of WE Supermarket shortly after 4 p.m.