Female students involved in fight suspended

Female students involved in fight suspended

Police had to be called in to quell a fight that broke out among four students from Palo Seco Secondary School school on Tuesday evening.

The four girls involved in the fight were suspended from school for seven days.

Kyrla Robertson-Thomas, second vice president of TTUTA said that the principal of the school stated that two of the parents were bullies. She said police had to separate the parents who were encouraging the behaviour of their children. She said the situation could have escalated if police had not responded.

Robertson-Thomas said the principal sought the advice of a school social worker, who will speak to the girls about their behaviour as they may not have the support they need at home. The students will need to attend intervention and counselling sessions before they return to school.

In a separate incident, female students from St. Augustine Secondary School were recorded fighting on the school’s compound on Thursday.

The fight was captured on video and shared on social media.

The fight is said to have taken place on the school compound and at a nearby Savannah.

The students suffered minor injuries including scrapes and bruises.