Female amputee found murdered at her apartment

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Female amputee found murdered at her apartment

A 56-year-old Diego Martin woman was killed in what police investigators believe is another case of violence involving a person the woman had known well.

Marva Sutherland, of Andrew Trace, Blue Basin, Diego Martin, was the fourth woman to be killed in four days this week from Monday to yesterday.

Sunderland, an amputee, was found dead in a bedroom in an apartment where she was a tenant.

She was found just after 9 am lying on the ground in a pool of blood with a cloth covering her head. Police found a rock on the ground near her body. There was a wound on her head.

Relatives of the mother of five and grandmother of 22 gathered at the home and were distraught at the news of Sutherland’s death.

The woman’s daughter said that her mom complained to her brother three days ago that the suspect was acting mentally unstable and she wanted to go somewhere safe. However, she never went.

The suspect was arrested by police and taken into custody while investigations proceed into the murder.