Fear of Coronavirus Cripples St Vincent Amid Volcano Evacuations

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Fear of Coronavirus Cripples St Vincent Amid Volcano Evacuations

Authorities in St Vincent said they were incredibly stressed over the chance of an upsurge in COVID-19 infections, with the lack of clean water supplies and as many evacuees currently in shelters and private homes.

It’s reported that the country has documented 12 new COVID-19 cases with at least 5 evacuees staying in two homes and 1 shelter testing positive, said the chief medical officer, Dr Simone Keizer-Beache.

Keizer-Beache said authorities are getting ready to do monstrous testing as a component of contact following, a confounded endeavor given that between 16,000 to 20,000 individuals were cleared before La Soufriere’s hazardous eruptions began on Friday. She likewise asked individuals to continue to wear face masks and requested that they participate, taking note of that some who arrive at shelters do not want to be tested, which is voluntary.

“Let us work together to prevent a second catastrophe,” she said in a press conference broadcast by local station NBC Radio.

Muddling endeavors to battle COVID-19 is the absence of water in various communities across the island given the substantial ashfall, with individuals strolling or heading to nozzles with containers and buckets close by long lines formed.

Among those in line was Suzanne Thomas, a 46-year-old salesman from South Union, a local area in eastern St Vincent that has been hit with water deficiencies since Saturday. She had invited nine evacuees into her home who are clustered together, sleeping just on carpets and covers.

“It’s real rough. We have to use one jug of water to shower, brush your teeth and flush the toilet,” she said, laughing as she added: “Water conservation.”

In excess of 4,000 St Vincentians are remaining in 89 government shelters. In the interim, the public authority so far has enlisted in excess of 6,000 evacuees in private homes, a number that continues to increase, said Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

He said he stresses over a raise in COVID-19 cases in specific zones given waning water supplies or complete absence of water.