Father of seven fined $55,000 for importing illegal guns


Father of seven fined $55,000 for importing illegal guns

A 32 year-old father of seven was given five months to pay a fine of $55,000 or face jail time for bringing illegal guns into the country. He was also charged for false declaration.

Jason St. Clair of Rousillac was caught giving the guns to Venezuelan boat captain Douglas Mendoza back in April 2017, after the boat arrived in Trinidad from Venezuela. When it arrived in King’s Wharf in San Fernando, St Clair told the customs and excise officer there was nothing to declare. But when the offer saw the transfer between St. Clair and Mendoza, he searched the bag and found two guns: one loaded with three bullets in the chamber and the other loaded with two bullets. They were both charged and taken into custody. Mendoza served 16 months in jail and paid a fine of $22,000 back in December 2017. St. Clair remained in custody as he was unable to post bail. His case was heard before a San Fernando Magistrate last Friday.

The judge fined him $40,000 for importing the prohibited goods and $15,000 for the false declaration.