Father of one dies while working at Paria

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Father of one dies while working at Paria

A welder from Princes Town died while working at Paria’s Point-a-Pierre facility on Friday.

Dead is 28-year old Shaquile Douglas, a father of one.

In a statement, Paria Fuel Trading Company revealed that at approximately 10.45 am, Paria’s Health, Safety and Environment Department was informed that Douglas, a contract employee, of Sonny Beharrysingh and Sons, was working on a seven-foot scaffolding structure at Paria’s facilities when he asked to take a break from the work.

Paria said Douglas’ colleagues, realising he was feeling unwell and in medical difficulty, contacted Paria’s HSE department. EMT officers were immediately summoned and operations at the site were suspended.

The company said when the EMT officers examined Douglas he was unresponsive and all efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.

When fire service officials arrived, another attempt was made to revive Douglas, but he remained unresponsive.
Paria said the police and District Medical Officer (DMO) were called in and at 1.10 pm, Douglas was pronounced dead.

Douglas’ family have since called for an investigation into his death.

This incident comes several months after four divers lost their lives when they were sucked in and stuck inside a 36-inch pipeline off Paria’s facility in Pointe-a-Pierre in February. A fifth diver managed to survive the ordeal.