Farmer shoots and kills plantain thief

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Farmer shoots and kills plantain thief

A 68-year-old farmer was not about to become another victim of praedial larceny, when he shot and killed one of two men trying to steal plantains from his farm on Friday.

Reports are that the farmer reportedly went to his garden at Borde Narve Branch Road, Princes Town, around 4:50pm, after receiving information that people were stealing his crops.

When he got there, he saw two men attempting to load several bunches of his plantain into a vehicle.

The farmer called out to them and one of the men pointed a gun at him.

The farmer, who had his 12-gauge shotgun with him, fired one shot and the men ran off.

The body of one of the suspects was found a short distance away, while the other, a 34-year-old man of Union Road, Marabella, was detained.

Police are now searching for the driver, who managed to escape.

Investigations are continuing.