Farley: THA will do all in its powers to arrest spiralling crime in Tobago

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Farley: THA will do all in its powers to arrest spiralling crime in Tobago

Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly, Farley Augustine, is promising Tobagonians that the THA will do all in its power to arrest the spiralling crime situation on the island.

He said the situation has now become worrying and said ‘paradise’ cannot be lost.

He said, “We are working hand in hand as hard as possible. As strategically as possible to arrest the situation. I’m insistent that Tobago, we cannot lose another paradise. Tobago will not be lost in this battle; we will win this battle.”

On the recent reappointment of Erla Harewood-Christopher as Commissioner of Police, Augustine raised concerns about the selection process, saying Tobago must have an input.

“I think the time has come for us to take another look at how we go about selecting Commissioners of Police. I don’t think we have the best process, and I don’t think the process we have has always brought to the table the best talent.”

He pointed out the implementation of modern strategies, technology, and critical thinking skills as key to combating crime effectively.

Augustine said once this is done he has faith the commissioner will help the island win the fight against crime.

“The challenge we face is an extension of what the country faces, which is one with illegal firearms, the drug trade and the interplay between those elements and the community.

“We are insistent that we should never get to the point where it is beyond control, and while what we are experiencing is an escalation to what we are used to, we will not be comfortable until we are able to turn to the kind of situation that we view as normal.

“We can’t get a handle on crime if communities remain silent while this thing runs away from us,” he lamented.

“We recognise the times we live in, and we cannot sit idly by and say it’s not our responsibility.”