Farley and Hackett must go, says PNM Tobago Council

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Farley and Hackett must go, says PNM Tobago Council

PNM’s Tobago Council is calling for the immediate resignation of Chief Secretary Farley Augustine and Secretary of Education, Zorisha Hackett.

The call came from PNM Tobago Council chairman Ancil Dennis, during a media conference at the Tobago Council’s office in Scarborough.

This stems from a leaked audio clip, in which a male and female are heard discussing hiring persons under the THA to spread propaganda on behalf of the new Tobago People Party.

Dennis said: “I was flabbergasted on Tuesday when I heard that voice recording. I am prepared to call for the immediate resignation of the Chief Secretary and also the Secretary of Education. All of Tobago has signalled their disappointment and shock, even people who supported them and voted them into office, and some of them still continue to support them despite of the situation.”

He said Augustine should now ensure he honours his word in keeping with the social contract he and the then Progressive Democratic Patriots candidates gave to Tobagonians in the 2021 THA Elections.

“Does the Chief Secretary Farley Augustine still abide by the provisions of this social contract? And I wish to remind the people of Tobago that the Chief Secretary, then a candidate in an election, did indicate that anybody who breaches that social contract will find themselves outside of the Executive Council.”

Tobago West MP Shamfa Cudjoe, supported Dennis’ comment.

Cudjoe said it was high time that Augustine and Hackett break their silence on the controversy.

“Tobago deserves to hear from those voices. Tobago deserves to hear from the Chief Secretary, Mr Farley Augustine. Tobago deserves to hear from Miss Zorisha Hackett,” Cudjoe said.

“Tobago deserves to hear from whoever is the third voice because there is a third voice in that recording. Tobago needs to hear from those who sat down and plot. This was not a slip of tongue. This is a meeting called or a caucus called to deliberately plot against, not for, not towards the development, against Tobago’s development.”

Tobago East MP, Ayanna Webster-Roy added: “This administration, elected by Tobagonians, has failed to stand by the basic social contract that they established with every single Tobagonian.

She said: “If you are not ready to put aside little boy and little girl behaviour and respect basic relationships that we need to ensure that Tobago is able to thrive within this union, please step aside and give those who truly care about Tobago the opportunity to take this forward.”