Fake MoH notice advises citizens to “drink puncheon”

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Fake MoH notice advises citizens to “drink puncheon”

The Health Ministry is informing the public of a fake notice being circulated online.

The advisory, purporting to be a Ministry release on the precautions needed for the current high temperatures, contained the strange advice for people to “drink puncheon” after 7pm to avoid the heat.

In an update, the Ministry said this notice is not from the Ministry.

The Ministry said the public should only get updates from official sources such as the Ministry of Health’s website (http://health.gov.tt) and social media pages.

It added that members of the public must also refrain from the misuse of the Coat of Arms and the Ministry of Health’s official branding.

The Ministry previously issued advice to the public to take precautions amid a forecast of hot days over the next couple of weeks.