Face to face classes suspended by MOE until further notice

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Face to face classes suspended by MOE until further notice

The Ministry of Education has suspended face to face classes until further notice.
According to a release by the Ministry on Saturday afternoon:

The Ministry of Education wishes to advise that until further notice is given:

1. All face to face classes at school are suspended;

2. All administrative operations at schools should be done; as far as possible, remotely;

3. All teaching and learning activities should be done remotely;

With regards to the date for SEA 2021 and the conduct of CSEC and CAPE 2021; further information will be transmitted to the public during the upcoming week.

The Ministry of Education understands the concerns that stakeholders may have at this time and is working assiduously to ensure that the best interest of all is considered.

Meanwhile, during Saturday’s press conference, the Prime Minister stated that the Minister of Education will address on the issue of the suspension of face to face classes and the upcoming Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) within 48 hours.

He said “Because you see, if we can at all manage to get the exams out the way in the difficult situation, we will do it. But if it is beyond a reasonable action, then we won’t do it. But we always said we will hold the day until it gets to a point where the date is no longer usable.”

SEA is scheduled to be held on June 10.