Express blasted for implying UNC leader wished PM ill

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Express blasted for implying UNC leader wished PM ill

The Opposition United National Congress is slamming the Trinidad Express for unjustifiably bringing the Opposition Leader into its fake and selective outrage.

This follows an editorial today, in which the UNC leader is railed for not wishing the Prime Minister well, following his contraction of the Covid19 virus.

In a statement, the party said “Members of the Opposition are on record wishing the Prime Minister well and the Opposition Leader has not at any time wished ill upon Dr. Rowley.

The release said “To lump her in today’s Editorial with persons wishing the worst on Dr. Rowley is dishonest, deceitful and shameless. However, we have come to expect nothing less from the Express.”

“The Express’s displeasure today contrasts with its tolerance and, indeed, promotion of the regular vileness and vitriol of Keith Rowley when he is asked for comment on statements by Kamla Persad-Bissessar in the course of performing her duties. Dr. Rowley disgustingly, needlessly and habitually insults the Opposition Leader by telling her to “go drink your rum and leave me alone”, asking the media “what is she drinking today?”, referring to her raising issues of national importance as “jammetry”, or saying he “will ignore she cyat”. Where is the Express’s anger at the lack of civility then? Instead, they rush to publish and broadcast Rowley’s predictable obscenity.”

The UNC said it is left alone to denounce these utterances in the face of an otherwise silent, complicit and enabling media.

It added “Rather than dishonestly and incorrectly presuming the Opposition Leader’s intentions, what we expected to see from a responsible, independent and fearless media house is calling the Prime Minister to account for his false declaration on record that he had not been in the presence of any Ministers over the last two weeks prior to his diagnosis. The Express has not referred to the numerous instances on public record which proves the Prime Minister to be untruthful.”

They said “the Express has not asked for contact tracing, for quarantining those Ministers who have been in contact with the Prime Minister over the past two weeks, for further checking whom these Ministers have been in contact with during that period, or when it will be feasible for the Parliament to be convened.
Instead, the Express is content to self-righteously scold the Opposition, whilst collecting its hefty advertising revenue from the Government and State.”

“In fact, the Express’s projection of “vileness” and “concoct[ing] a majority out of disparate elements of hate, anger, hurt and general disappointment” is a perfect description of Keith Rowley and the party he leads. For them to cast this onto the Opposition is political mischief.”