Expert Warns Falling Sperm Counts Are “Threat to Human Survival”

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Expert Warns Falling Sperm Counts Are “Threat to Human Survival”

An epidemiologist has warned that changes in sexual development and falling sperm counts in men is causing a fertility crisis that is “threatening human survival.”

Shanna Swan of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York has offered the stark warning after reporting in 2017 that sperm counts dropped by 59 per cent between 1973 and 2011.

Now the epidemiologist has predicted that by 2045, sperm counts are set to be at zero.

Swan says, “If you look at the curve on sperm count and project it forward — which is always risky — it reaches zero in 2045. That’s a little concerning, to say the least.”

“Chemicals in our environment and unhealthy lifestyle practices in our modern world are disrupting our hormonal balance, causing various degrees of reproductive havoc.”

The expert adds, “The current state of reproductive affairs can’t continue much longer without threatening human survival.”

“Of five possible criteria for what makes a species endangered, only one needs to be met; the current state of affairs for humans meets at least three.”

The expert is urging us all to “do what we can to safeguard our fertility, the fate of mankind, and the planet.”

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