Expert: Caribbean people experience socialized racism

Expert: Caribbean people experience socialized racism

Professor Rose-Marie Belle Antoine, Dean of Law at the University of the West Indies (UWI) said that the time has come, that persons are tired of race discrimination.

Speaking on the Power 102’s Power Breakfast Show on Tuesday morning, she said the George Floyd incident has resonated with many people because the evidence is clear- Floyd was an unarmed man who was murdered.

She said the protests in the US may be as a result of decades of inequality.

On the local front, in Trinidad and Tobago, Bell-Antoine said we experience what is known as socialized racism, where a person’s skin tone is linked to their income and status.

She admitted that she was surprised by some persons who claim that they did not understand the Black Lives Matter movement, and how the All Lives Matter movement contradicted the former’s purpose.

While we have the laws to mange racism in T&T, Bell-Antoine said they do not clearly identify race and racism.