Expect drier than usual conditions during May, June and July

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Expect drier than usual conditions during May, June and July

Following a relatively dry April, May is likely to continue the drying trend, with below average rainfall totals expected across most areas.

The Met Office issued the following update –

The  May-June-July (MJJ) 2022 rainfall outlook favours suppression of rainfall, with the chance  for below-normal rainfall totals having higher odds than near and above-normal categories;

Drier than usual conditions during MJJ does not mean the absence of heavy rainfall days or events. Therefore, concerns remain for flash flooding on heavy or prolonged rainfall days, especially       during  June and July;

The percent of average rainfall totals forecast for MJJ, ranges from 73% to 103% of the long-term average;

The extended-range forecasts for weeks 3 and 4 ahead (May 6-12 & 13-19) show mostly dry conditions are favoured;

May is likely to be warmer than usual. Warmer than average days and nights are also likely for the three months MJJ with enhanced chances for one or two hot days during May;

Excessive heat build-up is likely during May in cities, urban and built-up areas on hot days.