Excited to travel? Are entertainers weary of the risks?

Excited to travel? Are entertainers weary of the risks?

Cultural Workers such as event managers, bandleaders, artistes, and pan men desirous of travelling abroad for events and festivals, will benefit from priority access to vaccinations and travel exemptions to depart from and return to Trinidad and Tobago. 

This announcement made by the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Randall Mitchell, made the entertainment industry breathe a sigh of relief.

However for some this may not be the right time to jump for joy – as the Coronavirus still looms over the globe and artistes will have to ensure that all protocols are in place when they do travel.


Speaking with IzzSo Media on Friday, Managing Director of JC Management, Jelan Cumberbatch who manages a number of Soca artistes said while its good news for the local industry; a lot of pre-planning has to take place, to ensure that the artiste is safe, housed, fed and is able to return to T&T and still make a profit.

Cities across the United States as well as islands within the region are emerging from COVID-19 restrictions with the reopening of their entertainment sectors enabled by high vaccination rates among their population.

Cumberbatch also warned that while in T&T you may be able to have easy access to accommodation it differs when they travel abroad.

With the creative sector having been affected by the COVID-19 regulations implemented in March 2020, this initiative gives the sector the ability to recover by accepting bookings and comfortably taking advantage of work opportunities in various overseas markets.