Events Association provides framework to guide sector when it reopens

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Events Association provides framework to guide sector when it reopens

The Caribbean Association of Event Professionals (CAEP) has provided a framework that outlines protocols for the events sector when it reopens in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The events sector consists of a variety of professionals such as planners and event planning companies, audio/visual providers, entertainers, ushers, bar and catering staff, hair and makeup artists, designers, and stylists.

They also cover the sports sector, the entertainment sector, and those who work with conferences, exhibitions, and host Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

At a press briefing on Monday, the Association pledged to collaborate to minimise the health and safety risks for all participants of exhibitions and trade shows.

They said they are willing to work with the appropriate authorities to allow a phased reopening of the sector based on the assured implementation of agreed health and safety standards.

It was important also to draft the document as the re-opening of this sector can drive economic revitalisation.

The framework document was developed through research, discussions, and working with international bodies such as Event Safety Alliance, UFI (the global Association of the Exhibitions Industry) and ILEA (International Live Events Associations).

The five key steps identified in the framework include:

  • Ensure Personnel and Personal Safety- This involves a risk analysis of the event | wearing masks | using hand santizers
  • Enable Physical Distancing- This details equipment and signage to achieve social distancing
  • Increase Health and Safety Measures- This covers the protocols and measures to establish high standards of sanitizing, screening, food handling, ongoing training and detailed registration of attendees
  • Implement Crowd Control Measures- This sets out the management measures for crowd movement
  • Encourage and Enforce Measures- This defines the compliance and enforcement protocols for event planners to follow

According to the Association, there are over 600 companies registered with the word ‘event’ which employs close to 25,000 people.

However, the Association has noted that potentially 15,000 persons have either lost their jobs or had their salaries reduced as a result of Covid-19.

The conference was held by the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce and also included presentations from the Barkeepers and Operators Association of T&T (BOATT), T&T Alcohol Beverage Alliance, T&T Members Club Association, and Representation from the Cinema Operators and the Food and Beverage Sectors.