Escort and Masseuse services increase in demand during Covid-19 isolation

Escort and Masseuse services increase in demand during Covid-19 isolation

The global community has been gripped with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic which originated in Wuhan province in China in December of 2019. Since then the Covid-19 virus has spread to almost every part of the globe, with over 250,000 persons confirmed positive for infection by the virus and today over 10,000 fatalities. As countries struggle to stay ahead of the curve of infections and fatalities , many governments are taking no chances given what has happened in Italy which has seen their population devoted and their health care services and system overwhelmed. To date 47,021 persons have tested positive with over 4000 deaths.

Covid-19 has literally brought the world to its knees with human life as we know being significantly changed in many ways. Countries have mandated by order and in many cases Laws measures including work from home, no public gatherings, bars, restaurants, movie houses etc all being halted, to prevent the spread of the virus from person to person.
But Covid-19 like any other global challenge has brought its share of opportunities , some predictable including work from home and home schooling. Remote and digital conferencing business meetings and delivery services being utilised to facilitate the limiting of contact.

One of the unexpected business models that has benefited from the crisis in many parts of the world and in Trinidad & Tobago is the ‘oldest profession in the world’. The sex trade in the form of online porn services have seen tremendous spikes in subscription . Many countries including Trinidad and Tobago has also seen the increase in ‘escort services’ and ‘massage services with so called ‘happy endings’.
With the shut down of bars , clubs and other ‘liming’ spaces we have been informed of several practitioners reporting increased demand for their services.
IzzSo media spoke to ‘Candy Love’ ( an assumed name) who told us that her regular clients have started already booking hotel rooms and guest houses fo adult fun encounters. She also said many of her colleagues who ply their ‘craft’ have also reported increased demand for their many exotic services.

We asked her if she was not fearful of catching Covid-19 through these encounters? She replied that they too have modified their manners of interaction to minimise the possibility of contracting the dreaded Covid-19 virus. Candy Love explained that no kissing is now the order of the day, and condoms are a must. She also said that massages are performed with gloves. We asked if she thought that these measures were enough to protect her, to which she replied “Well she has to live”.
Nonetheless Covid-19 has certainly changed how the world operates in many ways, which we may see continuing long after the Covid-19 pandemic is nothing but a tragic memory. The authorities may need to explore additional measures to deal with the possibility of of transmissions through sexual contact under these types of situations.