Energy Minister doesn’t “know if he is coming or going”

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Energy Minister doesn’t “know if he is coming or going”

Pointe-a-Pierre MP, David Lee says Franklin Khan has thoroughly demonstrated that he is unfit to hold the post of Minister of Energy and Energy Industries given his recent inconsistent and uncertain statements surrounding the phasing out of Super Gasoline.

In a statement, Lee said “It is quite damning that one day after a news report quoting Khan’s uncertainty on the future supply of Super Gasoline within our nation was published, the Ministry of Energy was forced to issue a release stating that the Government has no intention to phase out Super Gasoline.”

“Clearly, the Minister of Energy doesn’t “know if he is coming or going” as his recent statements demonstrate that he is unaware or not in tune with the actions of his Ministry, policies of his Cabinet and views of his cabinet colleagues.
Any responsible Minister with the public’s best interest at heart would have ensured proper deliberation before prematurely making such a grave statement which subsequently forced many vulnerable users of Super Gas and other entities within the energy sector into panic mode.”

Lee said these actions have yet again vindicated and supported his recent Private Motion of No- Confidence in the Minister of Energy as they reflect the level of disconnect and incompetence of Minister Khan to undertake his duties to ensure stability and certainty within the energy sector.

Lee added “As a matter of fact, it has been two weeks since that Motion was debated in the House of Representatives and up to this day the Minister is unable to tell this nation his plans for increasing gas production, halting the collapse of Point Lisas and give any light on the viable future of our refinery.
It is all of these collective actions which may have led to his colleagues abandoning him in the Motion of No Confidence debate by opting to adjourn the sitting as opposed to voting to show confidence in Minister Khan.”