EMA Notes Improvement In Air Quality Around Beetham Landfill

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EMA Notes Improvement In Air Quality Around Beetham Landfill

The Environmental Management Authority says the Air Quality Levels around the Beetham Landfill continue to improve.

The Air Quality Level, as of 9:00 a.m. on Monday, as recorded at the EMA’s Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station located at Beetham, Port of Spain, is Moderate.

In a statement, the EMA said this reading is an improvement from the levels recorded this weekend, which varied from Unhealthy to Hazardous. The high readings recorded were primarily due to the smoke and particulate matter associated with the fire at the Beetham landfill which have finally been contained.

It said persons should note that the AQI value as reported on our website is calculated based on a 6-hour rolling average, therefore, high AQI levels can sometimes be attributed to a higher concentration recorded earlier in the day even though the situation may have improved later. The actual concentrations recorded over the last 24 hours demonstrate the continuous improvement in the air quality.

This should be taken into consideration as members of the public continue to monitor the AQI levels being reported on the EMA’s website.

The EMA continues to liaise closely with partner agencies, such as the Ministry of Health and SWMCOL to obtain status updates. We will continue to provide updates if the situation changes