EMA Gives Update On Rocky Point CEC Application

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EMA Gives Update On Rocky Point CEC Application

Regarding the Rocky Point Certificate of Environmental Clearance application, the Environmental Management Authority has determined an Environmental Impact Assessment is required and a Final Terms of Reference for the conduct of the EIA has been issued.

Upon completion of the EIA report, the EMA and its valued stakeholders will have the opportunity to thoroughly review the contents thereof.

The EMA acknowledges several opinions have already been expressed and these will be considered as part of the determination process.

The EMA’s process has been tested in the Privy Council and is transparent and robust.

Members of the public can view all applications at the EMA’s Information Centre and National Register.

The EMA says it welcomes the Prime Minister’s statement after three decades, amendments to the EM Act are necessary.

These amendments should serve to facilitate sustainable development in the rapidly changing environment due to climate change and technology particularly.