Electronic security gate installed at entrance to A&E at PoSGH

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Electronic security gate installed at entrance to A&E at PoSGH

Additional security measures have been added to the compound of the Port of Spain General Hospital.

This follows the brazen shooting at the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department on June 2nd.

The North West Regional Health Authority CEO, Anthony Blake, said in an interview with Newsday: “We’ve had additional security on the compound and support from the TT Police Service (TTPS) in terms of having additional armed police at the compound.

“Our security providers have also added support.”

Blake did not want to go into how much security had been added for safety and logistic purposes.

A former major in the Defence Force, Blake said: “None of us at the regional health authorities prior to the incident on June 2 would’ve looked at five people with automatic rifles storming an A&E department as a possible scenario.

“Now we have seen it, and we have to plan for it and other eventualities at the hospital, and put the mitigating measures in place so an incident like that doesn’t happen again.”

Blake said the hospital scenario was part of a wider national problem.

“If we don’t fix crime and criminality in the environment surrounding the hospital, we will continue to face a challenge around the hospital.”