Elderly couple almost given wrong vaccine as second dose

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Elderly couple almost given wrong vaccine as second dose

An elderly couple who had received the AstraZeneca jab last month, were almost administered the Sinopharm vaccine as their second dose over the weekend.

According to an Express report, the couple received a call from personnel at the Barataria Health Centre asking them to come in yesterday “for a shot”.

Although they had appointments to have their second shot in June, the couple went anyway, assuming that their appointment date had simply been moved up.

It is reported, however, that while they were preparing to receive the shot, they realised that the vaccine being distributed was Sinopharm, and officials were alerted.

Administrative staff placed a pause on operations until the issue was rectified and vaccine distribution resumed shortly thereafter.

The couple was informed that their already scheduled appointment dates would be honoured and the District Health officer on hand apologised for the incident.