Education Secretary calls for investigation into fight at Signal Hill Secondary caught on cam | WATCH

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Education Secretary calls for investigation into fight at Signal Hill Secondary caught on cam | WATCH

Education Secretary in the Tobago House of Assembly, Zorisha Hackett said she was disappointed and deeply concerned following a video showing a brutal fight among a class of students from the Signal Hill Secondary School.

The students, approximately 20, were seen attacking one female student, taking turns—and at times together—kicking, slapping, choking and pushing the student from all directions.

One student even climbed on a desk to kick the victim in the head from above.

Recognising the gravity of the situation, Hackett called for a thorough and comprehensive investigation, involving collaboration between DERTech staff, the school’s principal, staff, parents, the Parent-Teacher Association, law enforcement and other relevant stakeholders.

Hackett in a statement, said: “The actions portrayed in this video are not only disturbing, but stand in direct contradiction to the principles of safety, respect, and inclusion that our educational institutions should embody.”

She condemned the incident and all acts of violence and emphasised the need for schools to be places of learning, growth, and understanding.

She said the aim is to ensure that all those responsible for the assault are held accountable for their actions.

She said immediate action will also be taken to address this specific incident and prevent future occurrences of violence within schools.

Hackett stressed the importance of understanding the psychological factors contributing to such behaviours and actions. She said the division will do all in its power to foster school environments built upon empathy, tolerance, and peaceful conflict resolution.

“This regrettable incident underscores the urgency of cultivating a culture of respect, kindness, and responsibility within our schools,” Hackett said in her post.

The secretary urged all stakeholders to join her in a mission of creating safe and nurturing educational environments, and offered her support to the victim and her family during this time.