Education Ministers Meet With TTUTA On Recommendations For Term II

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Education Ministers Meet With TTUTA On Recommendations For Term II

Ministers of Education Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly and Lisa Morris-Julian, along with Secretary Marslyn Melville-Jack and officials of the Ministry of Education met with the officials from the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers’ Association Thursday to discuss TTUTA’s recommendations for the operations of schools for Term II 2021/2022.

TTUTA raised several issues and concerns with respect to the health situation in Trinidad and Tobago, with specific reference to COVID-19, and the protocols regarding the handling of COVID-19 cases and
sanitization at schools.

The Ministry of Education advanced clarifications on these matters and expressed that continued emphasis will be paid on supporting school personnel through the collaboration between the Education District
Health Unit and the District County Medical Office of Health.

TTUTA requested they be provided with the draft recommendations of the Ministry of Education with respect to the operations of schools in Term II 2021/2022, upon which they would deliberate and proffer comments.

In a media release Thursday, the Ministry said this will be provided after the meeting between Ministry of Education officials and the wider education stakeholder body on Friday.

The Ministry is therefore carded to meet again with TTUTA within the next two weeks on this matter.