ECA Describes Labour Day As A Time For Reflection

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ECA Describes Labour Day As A Time For Reflection

The Employers Consultative Association says Labour Day provides the opportunity to look back on what we have accomplished.

ECA says it should also be used to reflect also on where we need to go.

The stagnation of social dialogue at the highest level is not ideal but there is, however, still time for salvation.

It cautions now more than ever, there is a pressing need for solutions grounded in dialogue and focused on resiliency, adaptability, and sustainability.

ECA says through collective action we can achieve a future that is bright and prosperous for all and the integration of digital technologies into the world of work is reshaping industries and altering the nature of work.

The Association says in Trinidad and Tobago, it is apparent these changes are increasingly manifesting in various sectors, offering both opportunities and challenges.

It claims Decent Work channels the values of freedom and equity, built on a realization of the fundamental principles and rights at work, equality of access to decent employment and income, enhanced social protection coverage, and strong tripartism and social dialogue.

Moreover, it requires the creation of employment opportunities, enabled through economic growth and an environment conducive for sustainable enterprises to grow, invest and hire, and which supports entrepreneurship and enterprise creation in the formal economy.