‘Easier to date than Girlfriends’: Man Makes Sex Doll His Fiance


‘Easier to date than Girlfriends’: Man Makes Sex Doll His Fiance

People in the world can have an attraction towards anything, love anyone. One such strange case has come to light in Hong Kong.
A Hong Kong man fell in love with his sex doll. Not only this, he is engaged to her sex doll and is going to marry her soon. He believes that it is easier to date sex dolls than girls, so he has decided to spend his life with sex dolls.

He said his previous girlfriends would only stare at their phones when they were together and Mochi gives him all its attention. “When me and my previous girlfriend were together, she was always staring at her phone, but with Mochi it’s different. She will concentrate and give me all her attention.”

Xie Tianrong, 36, of Hong Kong, recently engaged in her sex doll. Shai, who lives with her parents, has bought expensive gifts for her fiancé. He has gifted 20 sets of expensive clothes and more than 10 pairs of shoes to his fiance, ranging from the iPhone-12.

According to media reports, Shai has never tried to hurt a sex doll that resembles humans…Why did he not do it? Because he said that it will cause damage to the skin. He believes that dating dolls is easier than dating girls.  His fascination for dolls began when he was around 26 years old.