Dyer-Griffith provides more women with the ‘Fighting Chance’

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Dyer-Griffith provides more women with the ‘Fighting Chance’

‘A Fighting Chance,’ is an initiative geared towards equipping women with the skills to protect themselves in potentially dangerous or life threatening situations.

Started by Mrs. Nicole Dyer-Griffith and the O2N Foundation, ‘A Fighting Chance’ was held on February 13th 2021, at the Police Training Academy Gymnasium St James.

The attendees of the session included spouses of serving members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, along with members of the Police Wives Association and even male serving members of the TTPS who participated with the intent to share the knowledge with their female family members.

The program consisted of a very detailed and informative session led by Sensei Brian Chin Leung, an 8th degree black belt and hand to hand combat specialist. Sensei led the participants through tactical self defense training and tips and shared other methods of defusing situations that included key spatial and environmental awareness tips.

During the interactive session, Sensei Chin Leung was assisted by members of the Shotokan Karate Dojo. Attendees had a chance to practice their moves.
In closing Sensei Chin Leung was adamant that the knowledge gained in the session should be continually practiced to ensure not only retention, but effectiveness of execution.