Dutch Government Advise Singles to Find A Sex Buddy During Quarantine

Dutch Government Advise Singles to Find A Sex Buddy During Quarantine

Across the world, COVID-19 has made everyone take another look at life, food, love and sex. The patterns vary and while some countries like China reported a spike in divorce cases during the quarantine, New Zealand and India have reported a rise in condom sales. However, the one common trend is that the pandemic has pushed many single people into involuntary forced celibacy. 

The Dutch government (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) has recommended that singles should find themselves a seksbuddy (sex buddy) during the quarantine. Text published on the website National Institute of Public Health and Environment recommends that, who has no fixed partner, choose a person to be his “sexual friend” and maintain relations only with him.

“It makes sense that, as a bachelor, you also want to have physical contact,” says the statement published on Friday, 15th. The Health Institute recommended that agreements be made between partners. For example, so that each person avoids contact with other people and does not maintain proximity if one of the two has flu symptoms. “It is extremely important that you minimize the risk of coronavirus during intimacy and sex. Discuss the best way to do this together. Please observe the rules surrounding the new coronavirus,” he recommends.

This guideline from the Dutch government is an addition to earlier government directive, which had come under some criticism. This had capped the number of visitors that people could allow into their homes at 3 and stipulated that and the required distance of 1.5 meters that had to be maintained between them at all times. “So no hugging, kissing or having sex,” the advisory said. An updated advisory clarifies that sex with your regular partner may be okay, as long as they don’t show any covid symptoms. However, as a matter of precaution, the government is still recommending social distancing. “Sex with yourself or with others at a distance is possible (think of telling erotic stories, masturbating together),” the advisory says. That’s not unlike the New York State’s health advisory, which also reminded people that in these times, you are your best sex buddy.

At the start of lockdown, deputy chief medical officer Jenny Harries suggested that couples who are dating, but currently living apart, “should test the strength of their relationship and decide whether one wishes to be permanently resident in another household”.