Duke tells Faith BYisrael she should resign as THA Health Secretary

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Duke tells Faith BYisrael she should resign as THA Health Secretary

Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) political leader, Watson Duke, is calling for the resignation of Secretary of Health, Wellness and Social Protection Dr Faith BYisrael.

According to Duke: “the people of Tobago have lost faith in Dr Faith’s management of the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA).

He made the statement while speaking at a PDP press conference on Monday at the party’s headquarters in Scarborough.

Duke said: “We have seen a level of decadence, a level of betrayal of trust that has left persons in Tobago wondering if they can receive any health care in any of our island’s hospitals – Scarborough General Hospital and the Roxborough Hospital and the 19 health centres.”

Duke said he wanted to tell “our sister Dr Faith that Tobago has lost faith in your style of management.”

He had reached a conclusion that “based on an evaluation,” she should have been removed from her position and put elsewhere.

“We are not satisfied with health, and maybe the chief secretary should really look at the portfolio of Dr Faith, and if she is the best, we understand that you are limited. We want the best person to be in charge of our healthcare.”

Duke recalled that in 2022, a baby died at the Scarborough General Hospital. A year later, the same mother lost another baby at the same hospital.

He said in July 2023, a 66-year-old female patient went to the hospital for a routine examination and care. He said she entered through casualty and after getting an injection, she had a seizure. After 20 minutes trying to revive her, she died.

He said, a mother took her daughter to the Scarborough General Hospital for a check-up after she had a seizure. He said from the mother’s account, the child was given the wrong drug, which led to her “almost dying.”

Duke also mentioned the incident in mid-May in which a Speyside mother, Nadea Shanghie, and her newborn died a day apart. A lot of the deaths at the hospital, he said, were the result of poor management systems.

A press release on Monday from the Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection said an investigation into the deaths of Shanghie of Speyside, and her newborn baby, had determined doctors and staff at the Scarborough General Hospital did everything they could to save their lives. The release said preliminary investigations into the deaths had been concluded. The release said: “The doctors, nurses, midwives and other staff involved categorically and undeniably did everything possible to save Nadea’s life. The staff of the TRHA observed all the appropriate clinical pathways in providing emergency care.”