Duke says PM endangering the lives of Public Servants with 100% returning to work

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Duke says PM endangering the lives of Public Servants with 100% returning to work

The Prime Minister has been accused of wilfully endangering the lives of public servants.

That’s according to President of the Public Service Association (PSA) Watson Duke.

In a video post to Facebook on Sunday, Duke criticized the Prime Minister’s decision on Saturday, to instruct all public service workers to return to work from today (Monday 26 October) at full capacity.

Duke said with the Covid-19 virus still present in the population, this instruction by the PM is a “criminal act” and he will be meeting with his attorneys to explore taking the appropriate legal action.

Duke said “The protection is still placed on church people- one hour, 50 per cent. For those who going beach- don’t come close together and stay in small groups, no big groups. The river- no-no. But for the public service- pelt your whatever and get back to work, full throttle. If you know the public service, it’s a place where people are cramped for space. A lot of the places are overstaffed.”

He said this is a “violation of the fundamental rights of the workers” under the Occupation Safety and Health Act (OSHA) to ensure the safety, the health of all employees while they are at work.

Duke told public servants they are protected by three pieces of legislation and he urged those with children under 16 to stay home to take care of them, to notify their employer in writing and send a copy of such a letter to the PSA.