Duke: Latest restrictions by PM insensitive and uncaring

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Duke: Latest restrictions by PM insensitive and uncaring

President of the Public Services Association, Watson Duke is in disagreement with the latest restrictions imposed on ALL food outlets, saying this could cause more damaging ripple effects.

The Prime Minister announced a total discontinuation of food services and non-essential retail business during a media conference on Monday.

Duke said “A lot of people depend on people (in retail fast food). So to shut them out of business is really insensitive, uncaring, and I think it is really true to the PNM style of governance.”

Duke said the PNM governs very hard and without feeling.

In his view, government wants to take keep citizens in a dependence mode and they will take care of them.

According to Duke, “A lot of persons do not have time to prepare meals. They have to work and travel and sometimes they just can’t or don’t want to…They prefer to buy meals. It may be cheaper for them. They like it that way.”

Duke also stated that the PM has been making decisions unilaterally, but as he noted, “Covid involves all of society and crosses partisan lines.”
“Therefore, all stakeholders should be given an opportunity to share their (views) in this national challenge.