Duke given 3 months to leave PSA

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Duke given 3 months to leave PSA

Newly-appointed Deputy Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly, Watson Duke, has been given three months to depart his position as President of the Public Services Association.

This was revealed yesterday by THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine, during a news conference following the assignment of portfolios at the Assembly Legislature in Scarborough.

Duke’s PSA presidency and his new post of Deputy Chief Secretary of the THA has raised concerns.

However, Augustine said: “Mr Duke himself is working on severing ties with his union…He just doesn’t feel that the best way to do that is just to cut it off immediately, and that there should be a stepped approach to doing so. Of course, we respect that, and we would support his decision to do that.

“He believes that he needs to set up the proper exit plan to allow for continuity within the union and so that things don’t just fall apart because the head leave. And so, he needs to ease himself out of the union,” added Augustine.

Augustine pointed out, “Once he (Duke) has severed all ties with the union, as the Chief Secretary, I can reconsider whether of course I would give him a role. That would be my call, of course, to make but for now he would just be deputy chief secretary.”