Duke confident his team will win PSA election today

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Duke confident his team will win PSA election today

PSA president Watson Duke is confident that his team, the GameChangers will win today’s long delayed Public Services Association (PSA) election and that he will return as the president.

The election has been due since 2017 and was set for November 23rd this year.
However that date was postponed, after Justice Nadia Kangaloo detected irregularities in the final voters’ list presented by the election committee.

On Friday the matter was withdrawn and the election was given the green light. Duke’s GameChangers is going up against Curtis Cuffie’s Concerned Public Officers and Labour Warriors led by Ian Murray.

Duke, in a Newsday interview, said that he will not let anything jeopardise the integrity or halt the election process.

He also called on his opponents to retire if they are unsuccessful in the election.

Duke said of his competitors that “Their aim isn’t to vindicate or relieve the people who are members and are crying out in bondage. They want to keep the distressed members crying out for justice in bondage, keep them in confusion.”

He added “They all have a problem with Duke. And the problem they are having with Duke isn’t that Duke isn’t good at what he does, they cannot become like Duke. They are envious, they are bitter and their entire life has been spent creating mischief and attempting to make the PSA look undesirable.”

Murray, who is also PSA vice president, told the media on Sunday that he is going into the election with high hopes of removing Duke as leader.

Approximately 30,000 public servants are eligible to vote today.