Dubai Police Arrest Models Posing NAKED On Skyscraper Balcony


Dubai Police Arrest Models Posing NAKED On Skyscraper Balcony

Not at all in accordance with Islamic traditions in the emirate of Dubai, the police captured a group of people on Saturday for “public debauchery”.

More than twelve naked ladies lolled on an overhang high above Dubai. A video of the long-haired marvels as nature made them spread quickly. Particularly in the Arab world, where such unsavory substance is impeded and blue-penciled in numerous spots. At any rate one of the models is wearing shoes. You can likewise see a man recording the young ladies.

Dubai’s police talked about the capture of a “gathering of individuals who showed up in a revolting video”. Such “obscene conduct” is detainment for as long as a half year and a fine of around 1300 francs in the emirate. Furthermore, there is the passing on of obscene material. As per the nation’s laws, which depend on severe Islamic Sharia law, there are significantly more jail sentences and further fines on it.

A group of people have been arrested by Dubai police after women (pictured) were spotted posing naked on a balcony in the city

According to a columnist Bernie Debusmann, who used to live in Dubai, the action was said to have been a publicity stunt by an Israeli porn magazine, which is of course “extremely illegal” in Dubai.

And this in broad daylight – in the posh Marina district, of all places, where Roger Federer  also owns a penthouse. In Dubai, even people end up in jail who kiss in public or consume alcohol without a license.

The arrested were handed over to the public prosecutor’s office. “Such unacceptable behaviour,” the police said, “does not reflect the values ​​and ethics of Emirati society.”

The United Arab Emirates, which includes Dubai, are true liberal in many ways compared to their Middle Eastern neighbours. The balcony nudity also breaks everything that Dubai connoisseur Debusmann would have thought possible: “That”, he writes on Twitter, “would not have happened when I arrived in 2015, that’s for sure”.