DSS is now offering the option of a refund to its members

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DSS is now offering the option of a refund to its members

Members of the infamous Drugs Sou Sou now have the option of filing for a refund of their investments.

According to its founder, Kerron ‘Preeze’ Clarke, members who have been requesting a refund can do so following several steps; which includes filling out a legal form to begin the process.

Clarke itemised the procedure to his members, which began circulating on social media – the process is as follows:

“To persons requesting a refund, our legal team has found a legitimate way to make your request applicable.”

Step 1. Please visit our La Horquetta Phase One office from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday with your DSS receipt and ID card for consultation.

Step 2. Your information will be logged by our staff and an email will be sent to you with the following legal forms to fill out.

Step 3. Read memo and seek legal advice if necessary.

Clarke also said that “Drugs Sou Sou TT (DSS) is working tirelessly to ensure that you have an enjoyable Christmas and your money is given back to you before 90 days.”
“Upon receiving your email address at our office. You will be sent the additional legal form to fill out and file.”

He also notified investors who wish to continue with the business can do so, but there will be a time period with which their money can be returned with interest.

He notified members of the following –
“NOTE : This is optional. Your second option is to wait until the investigation is over. Please understand this can run up to TWO YEARS by Law.”

NOTE : The application is FREE.

No cost to you whatsoever to fill out and file the documents to get back your hard earned money from the court.
It is your money
It is your rights being trampled on.
It is your option to fight the legal way.”