Drugs and guns seized in Morne Diablo


Drugs and guns seized in Morne Diablo

One man was arrested and drugs and guns seized in Morne Diablo during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the Southern Western Division on Saturday 14th December, 2019.

Officers while patrolling in the vicinity of the Morne Diablo Beach stopped a vehicle proceeding out of the area. The vehicle stopped and the driver exited and began to run away.

Officers apprehended the suspect and upon checking the vehicle found six shotguns, 17 kilograms of marijuana and some liquid described as ‘bush rum’.

Two Venezuelan nationals who were in another vehicle driving out of the beach road were also arrested. On checking further on the beach the officers found and took in custody 35 illegal immigrants, 4 adult males and 31 women and children ages ranging from 2 months to 54 years.

Investigations are ongoing.