Drone used to drop contraband into Golden Grove seized

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Drone used to drop contraband into Golden Grove seized

A drone which was reportedly used to drop contraband over the Golden Grove Prison walls has been recovered by police.

Police say intelligence was gathered by members of the North Central Division Task Force relative to prohibited items being dropped over the Golden Grove Prions walls by criminal elements.

As part of “Operation Grand Slam,” they conducted exercises in the area between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm on Friday.

The officers conducted targeted foot patrols in the William Trace Five Rivers area where a man dressed in a dark-covered coverall was seen running through a track in the bushes off the roadway.

The party of officers gave chase, however, the suspect escaped and dropped a black plastic bag.

Inside the bag officers reportedly found one drone and remote control, 78 packs of cigarettes and a quantity of compressed marijuana amounting to 278 grams.