Dr. Bishnu Ragoonath: “UNC can’t win General election but PNM can also lose”

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Dr. Bishnu Ragoonath: “UNC can’t win General election but PNM can also lose”

Head of the department of Political Science at UWI St Augustine campus Dr. Bishnu Ragoonath says in the present political environment, The United National Congress (UNC) cannot win the next General election because they have not convinced the population that they have changed enough since their time in government from 2010 to 2015. He said they have not used the past few years to change the perception of the population.

He also hastened to add the the People’s National Movement (PNM) should not rest on their laurels since they can also lose the upcoming General Election if they are unable to get a significant number of voters out to the polls. He said traditionally these ‘swing’ voters make the difference and they are the ones who need to be compelled by the incumbent to go out and vote, to make the difference and decide who will govern.

Dr. Ragoonath also believes that ten of the fourteen corporations will remain as they are in the upcoming Local government elections due on December 2nd, while its likely that four will change hands. These he said included, Siparia, Sangre Grande and Tunapuna. He also said the Local government elections are going to be a referendum which either party will use to champion their prospects in the general elections. He said if the PNM performs well in the Local, it’s likely that the general Election will be called shortly after to build on that success, but if the UNC performs better in the Local government elections, the PNM will delay the General elections to give themselves time to rebuild and recover.