DPP needs to break silence on allegations against him says Saddam Hosein

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DPP needs to break silence on allegations against him says Saddam Hosein

The Director of Public Prosecutions needs to come forward and speak on the allegations levied against him by the Prime Minister, Attorney General and now the Chief Justice.

This call comes from Opposition MP Saddam Hosein.

Speaking UNC’s media conference yesterday, Hosein questioned whether the DPP’s decision to discontinue charges against Opposition members in cases recently was the reason behind the attacks against him.

The PM slammed him over an office space, the AG dismissed Gaspard over his complaints about staffing, saying it should not be used an excuse for underperformance and Archie joined in, by stating the DPP was to blame for the staffing problem, as well as a number of other issues within the criminal justice system.

Hosein said: “We now must ask the question whether or not the decision by Mr Roger Gaspard to drop the charges against Mr Panday in the Piarco Three matter and the other accused, the decision taken to discontinue the prosecution of Mr Anand Ramlogan and Mr Gerald Ramdeen, is the reason why there is an attempt now to hound and harass Mr Gaspard out of office by the PNM? We must ask that question—whether this is history repeating itself because once Mr Gaspard goes, then the Deputy DPP will now act as the DPP and I say no more on that matter.”

He added, “What I call on this morning is for the DPP to break his silence on this matter. We have heard from the Chief Justice, we have heard from the Prime Minister and we have heard from the Attorney General. We must now hear from Mr Roger Gaspard Senior Counsel, the Director of Public Prosecutions, on this entire issue because serious allegations are being made against your constitutionally protected office…the DPP must break his silence.”

Hosein noted: “This was a political fight between the Attorney General, the Prime Minister and the DPP. I can’t understand the Chief Justice would now make such a statement with respect to what is taking place in the criminal justice system.
“The Chief Justice ought not to descend into a political gayelle where a political fight is taking place.”