Doubles made by Lebanese Tik Toker Abir Saghir

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Doubles made by Lebanese Tik Toker Abir Saghir

Blogger Abir Saghir is a well-known YouTuber and cook who has made it big by preparing meals online for her followers.

Her YouTube channel, Abirz Kitchen, is dedicated to long-form baking tutorials.

She is Lebanese and currently resides in Istambul, Turkey. She’s a Muslim.

Known for her hijab fashion and international baking and cuisine, she is a lifestyle and food YouTuber.

She has almost 7 million followers and 63 million likes on TikTok.

She began using Instagram in September 2016 and will transition to TikTok in December 2020.

On her Tik Tok page she would recreate dishes from several countries and on Thursday she was asked to prepare a dish from Trinidad and Tobago – which she did and nailed it.

Watch below –