Don’t Stop! Police warn drivers of deliberate accidents by bandits

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Don’t Stop! Police warn drivers of deliberate accidents by bandits

Bandits have been bouncing vehicles so that owners would be forced to stop.
Now, the police are urging citizens to be on their guard.

The warning from the TTPS follows an incident on December 6th.

A 42-year-old woman and her 38-year-old husband, both of El Dorado, along with a pharmacy owner from Mt Hope, were in a silver Nissan Latio around 11.20 pm, when the car was rear-ended by another vehicle.

The owner was reportedly heading west along the Eastern Main Road, El Dorado in the vicinity of the St Mary’s Bridge when he felt a bounce to the rear of the vehicle.

When they stopped, two masked men in a white Nissan Tiida with partial number plates stopped and came out of the vehicle.

The men were armed with guns and proceeded to rob the pharmacy owner of TT$38,000 in cash which represented two-day sales for the pharmacy in Tacarigua.

They also robbed the couple of cash and valuables including an IPhone-13 cell phone valued at TT$13,000, cash of TT$5,000, as well as identification cards, bank cards and keys before driving off in the owner’s car.

Police officials yesterday said this latest tactic to bounce vehicles to force persons to stop, was not new but was again being employed by bandits during this busy season.

They urged people to exercise caution when leaving businesses and that if such an incident occurred, to drive to the nearest police station.